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Congrats David!Congratulations to David McMillan (Class of 2007) on winning the Irish League Cup Final with Dundalk FC and picking up the man of the match award! ... See MoreSee Less

Monday September 18th, 2017

Congrats David!
Wesley College Past Pupils added 21 new photos to the album Golf 2017 β€” with Heather Niland and Alan Rufli at Rathfarnham Golf Club.
Wesley College Past Pupils

Congratulations to all our golfers who endured the sunshine and heat to play on a fabulous course at Rathfarnham Golf Club on Friday 16th June. ... See MoreSee Less

Friday June 16th, 2017

Congratulations to all our golfers who endured the sunshine and heat to play on a fabulous course at Rathfarnham Golf Club on Friday 16th June.

had a very nice morning showing Mervyn Wood around Wesley. Mervyn left in 1966. He's not on Facebook but if anyone would like to make contact with him, I can pass on his details. Peter ... See MoreSee Less

Tuesday June 6th, 2017

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That year corresponds to shortly after the school moved from Earlsfort Terrace to Ludford back in the 1960s! I hope that Mr Wood had a great College tour!

A blast from the past! RTÉ documentary from 1969 about Wesley College Dublin - exploring daily life at the school. Recognise anyone?youtube.com ... See MoreSee Less

Monday May 29th, 2017

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I remember RTE in filming in 1969, I was in 5th Year, and were the sixth year students in the "new" Wesley. Interesting seeing the old buildings and the footage of the overhead views of the new buildings. Somewhere I still have the booklets we used to bring home on the progress of the work. Rosemary Callaghan

Old Willy Watson banging on the organ, don't remember Miss Bunbury being so young! Thought I say Leslie Mahood near the end, that place prepared you well for life, as you knew it was never going to get any worse than there!

I remember the movie lots of faces I think I saw miss bumbury and towards the end in the playground me christine Bass and Beaulah Evans playing wish it was more clear good to see though! Was tat you playing hockey Linda gilles!

Not quite my year, but brought many happy memories to mind. The ancient teachers look so young, even Willie Watson. We were never much good at Irish dancing. I remember being force fed the National anthem, because we were attending a concert in the Francis Xavier Hall with other schools also attending. Had to be seen to be well able to honour the flag!!!! Great memory.

A fascinating blast from the past with many familiar faces. Hard to believe it's almost 50 years ago. It was great to be in the old school for a year before moving to Ballinteer in '69. Didn't know there was Irish dancing or ham radio. Beulah Sargeant I spotted you near the end. Maud FitzGerald Deirdre speaks up for co-education. Joe Deverell Roger Anderson Edwin Harper Meryl McGlynn Lesley Tynan Avril Hogan

What a blast from the past. I was in first year when that was filmed. I could.

Yes Miss Bunbury

Show you? Will watch later, off to work now.

Anne, you might be interested in this

5th year for my year.

That was the year I left. when is it on?

Mac, Myles, Kipper and Willie Watson

I could see Christine & beaulah & Linda . Sally gillespie

Gethyn Gibson Ken Leech Bryan Leech any familiar faces???

Cherry Sleeman Bruce Buttimore Carol Lenz this may bring back some memories!

Zara Leasure x

Heather Niland

John Weld

Rosemary Teggin

William Butt

Robert Grier

Valerie Bothwell Maloney Linda Linda Bothwell Armour

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