Executive Committee

The following were elected to the Executive Committee at the AGM on 24th May 2017

President:  Heather Burnett Niland [1986]

President Elect: David Bursey [1986]

Hon Secretary: Simon Grier [1989]

Hon Treasurer: Graham Swarbrigg [1964]

Committee Members: David Philips [1968], Niall Sisson [1991], Lynn McCrave (née Young) [1973], Peter Lydon [teaching staff], Heather O’Doherty Dean [2004], Lynn Pasley [1977], Roger Laird [1981], John Coy

Trustees: Deirdre Chadwick (née Fitzgerald) [1969], Valerie Grimes (née McNeill) [1960], Helen Holland (née Price) [1964]

Ex Officio: Christopher Woods [The Principal]

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